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2020 07 01

How Facebook Can Generate New Leads for Your Business

Facebook Leads uses advanced social targeting to get businesses new leads everyday! Facebook Lead Ads are giving businesses the ability to have their ads appear on their target audience’s news...
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12 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus

Be Socially Significant in times like this! Let’s be logical. People are “tuned in” for information at this time. Let’s be sensitive to the situation and stand out. Your efforts...
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Google My Business – Maximum Value in your Online Real Estate

Marketing companies and small business owners themselves, continue to realize that as soon as they get comfortable with a direction or strategy, the virtual ground below them shifts. Nowhere is...

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OMG Continues At Full Speed Amid Covid-19

OMG National Continues At Full Speed Amid Covid-19 Outbreak We’d like to start by saying we hope you and your loved ones are all safe. We know right now is...

OMG National has named Corain Cash its Head of Operations

OMG National has named Corain Cash its Head of Operations. She says that "Tying together a diverse set of products in a singular platform that drives performance for SMBs is...
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Jonathan Kramer named Director of Client Experience

In its recognition of the creating increased focus on all client touch-points within OMG, Jonathan Kramer, former Head of Client Services was named Director of Client Experience. Jonathan states that...

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